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We supply only the highest quality

We are your supplier for a complete range of indoor and garden plants of the highest quality.
Directly from the greenhouses, sourced from our network of growers. With a personal touch. This is what wholesaler Ferry Verbeek is about.

We create long-term relationships. We study your business formula, allowing you to offer the finest products for optimal returns. Every potted plant is sourced from growers we personally know. It is no coincidence that the best wholesalers and garden centres choose Ferry Verbeek, including in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Ferry Verbeek

The partner that goes the extra distance

You want to make a name for yourself in your market. This requires a supplier who knows precisely what you are looking for, and who works with you in an honest and reliable way. Look no further than Ferry Verbeek. We are a wholesaler of indoor and garden plants, and we are willing to go the extra distance when it comes to our range, collaboration, and services.

Straight from the greenhouses

All products offered by us are fresh from our growers’ greenhouses. This way you always have the freshest products!

Our own network of growers

All indoor and garden plants are sourced from our own network of growers. Growers we know. And who invest in long-term relationships, just as we do.

Personal approach

To us, you are more than a client, you are a partner. A partner for whom we are always at the ready.


We attach a great deal of importance to efficient cooperation. This is why we greatly value automation.


With us, you have access to a diverse range of green and flowering indoor plants and garden plants of the highest quality only.

Active reflection

We are keen to join you in considering solutions and opportunities. Are there any novelties? Then you will hear about it from us first.

The complete range of indoor and garden plants

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